• Why don`t you have Crucian Carp in the lakes that have (Common) Carp in them?

    Why don`t you have Crucian Carp in the lakes that have (Common) Carp in them?

    • Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio  i.e. - Commons, Mirrors and Leathers, these are all the same fish just with different scale patterns. Similar to humans having different coloured hair or eyes.) can breed with Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius) which are a different fish altogether. If they are allowed to cross breed then the resulting offspring will be what is known as a Brown Goldfish (Carassius gibelio ) which look very similar and are often confused with Crucian Carp (Carassius carassius). As these two species are so often stocked together it is now very hard to find true Crucians, as such I am very proud to have a fishery which offers anglers the chance to catch proper, true Crucian Carp.


      I ask very strongly and full heartedly for all anglers to please not decide to move any fish from one lake to another simply because you feel you would like a certain species of fish in a certain lake, doing so can cause immeasurable damage to fish stocks, not just through genetics but from the movement of otherwise harmless parasites, diseases and viruses which live on and or in fish. Moving fish irresponsibly and without the proper consent or knowledge can make all of the hard work that goes into a fishery worthless. Thank you.


      This goes for all lakes and river in this country not just Homeclose, the damage that is done by the stupidity and irresponsibility of a few people has in the past caused server damage to so many waters in this country. We need to protect our native fish species and water ways, not exploit them for our personal gain.

  • Do you allow Dogs?

    Do you allow Dogs?

    • No, Homeclose is on a fully working Dairy and Arable Farm, this means lots of livestock and tractors. My cows don't like being chased by dogs and dogs don't like being kicked by cows or being run over by a tractor. It can easily happen no matter how careful you are or well trained the dog is. 
      Lots of people have phobias of dogs so I'd much rather have everyone happy whilst enjoying their fishing and not run the risk of spoiling anyone's day.
  • Do you do lessons?

    Do you do lessons?

    •  Not at present. It is something i'm working towards doing in the future.

  • Can I take the fish I catch?

    Can I take the fish I catch?

    • NO. Homeclose Fishery is a Coarse Fishing fishery and as such it is catch and release only, all fish are to be returned to the water so someone else can enjoy fishing for it too.