1. You must be in possession of a current EA rod Licence to fish, no licence - no fishing.
  2. Under 16's to be accompanied by a competent senior angler at all times.
  3. Opening times are 6am until 8pm in Summer. Dawn till Dusk in Winter.
  4. Access is only permitted to the public areas please do not trespass. (This is for your safety as we are a working farm as well)  
  5. Fish only from the platforms provided please do not fish between swims.
  6. All nets must be dipped before starting to fish; dip tanks are located at each lake (Green bins) 
  7. Mishandling of fish is not tolerated; please respect your quarry, anyone seen mishandling or mistreating fish will be asked to leave forthwith. 
  8. Do not use keepnets or sacks, all fish must be returned to the water immediately.
  9. When returning larger fish to the water, please use a landing net regardless of the distance being carried.
  10. Use barbless hooks only.
  11. All forms of fixed lead are banned; please use running, fish safe, rigs.
  12. No FLOATING poles to be used on any of the lakes. (please see note at bottom of page)
  13. Rods are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason.
  14. No more than 2 rods per angler.
  15. Please be considerate when using buzzers; please turn the sound down as noise travels.
  16. All fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking mat at all times - photographs should be taken kneeling down under no circumstances should you hold fish standing up.
  17. Fish must be weighed using a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net, please do not use plastic bags.
  18. Cat and dog food is not allowed. (This applies to tined food not dry dog biscuits)  
  19. Ground bait to be used in swim feeders only.
  20. Boilies to be used on Hornbeam Lake only.
  21. No nuts, beans, peas or maize as these can swell and cause digestive problems within the fish, which could later result in emaciation and ultimately death. (sweet corn is allowed) 
  22. Take all litter, discarded line and unused bait home or place in bins provided in the car parks.
  23. No cars on or around the banks of any lake, the ground is not suitable for vehicles. 
  24. Please do not cut or otherwise damage bank-side vegetation.
  25. No Dogs allowed.
  26. The use of BBQ's is strictly banned.
  27. Toilets are available close to Hornbeam Lake ; please use them.
  28. Alcohol in moderation please.
  29. Catch reports and photographs of any notable fish caught would be appreciated for our website and notice board.
  30. The management reserve the right to ask anyone who is not adhering to these rules, or for any other purpose, to remove themselves from our premises.

Please note rule 12:  
This does not mean that Poles are banned as many have assumed without enquiring! POLES ARE ALLOWED!! This only applies to floating poles - poles which are shipped out to float on the surface allowing pole fishing at very long distances, but do not allow a quick response to bites - thus resulting in deep hooking!